Monday, November 23, 2009

Recent Happenings

Hello all,
I'm sure that all of you are wondering where I have been and what i have been doing.... :)
well i'm just so busy with school and work that i don't have time to keep up on all this blogging stuff! but here is a little bit that has been going on lately.
summer went by way to fast for me! it seems like last thing i knew it was may and now its freaking christmas! i just cant believe it! didn't do a whole lot this summer just went to school and played a little bit of softball.... it was pretty fun! Justin played a lot of softball this summer, he gets better and better everytime i watch him play i felt bad that i couldn't go more and watch him this summer. but i did get to go down to St George with him the end of October he took a team down and played in the Halloween tournament and it was so much fun to watch. its crazy how much better they all play when they are relaxed and not so worry about political stuff! here are a few pics from that.... Justin's grandma thought that she needed to be in the picture with the team Ha Ha it was pretty cute!

Most of you know that my sister had her baby this fall also! Let me tell you what my sister has the cutest dang kids i have ever seen! Chandler is so stinkin cute and funny. and Brinlee... well she just kind of lays there at the moment but i know that she is going to be just as cute and as fun as her big bro chancho. I never thought that having nieces and nephews would be so much fun!

As you all know i am going to hair school right now, and well we have to do some pretty crazy things with people and there poor hair ( and pride). we put on a fashion show for all of our families and friends to help earn money for the hair show that we are going to in January that is in long beach california. The theme of the show was "jungle fever" so my dear little sister Mckenzie gladly voulanteered to be my model! she had so much fun. we made her Queen of the Jungle!
this is her the night before at about 11 when we got done rolling her mane!
QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE!! isn't she Hot!??

For my birthday Justin told me that we could do whatever i wanted. So i decided.... what the Hell lets go to vegas! and he said yes!! so we went to Vegas for my birthday it was pretty dang fun. we watched the fountains and went to tournament of the kings, that was pretty cool too! we had a really good time. we met up with some friends and hung out also it was a really fun time. One of my best birthdays so far! we also saw jerry springer!! it was pretty sweet! I always HAVE to take my camera everywhere we go but i never seem to remember that i have it so i always forget to take pictures, but i did take a few of our trip. this would be jerry springer a the planet hollywood hotel!

well that is pretty much all that is going on with me these days! nothing else really... No wedding bells just yet, within the next year though! school is going to good i am so glad that i decided to do it i love it so much! work is going good as well.... sorry this post is kind of long with lots of pics! but since i only blog like every six months i have to pack in all my exciting things! hope everyone is doing well!!!

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  1. Your hair is so cute I love it! It's good to hear what is going on. I am so stuck in mommyville a lot of the time its good to catch up and see what everyone is up to! Glad things are going great!